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08-Mar-2024 Friday Maha ShivaratriMaha Shivaratri is an important Hindu festival dedicated to Lord Shiva. To commemorate the auspicious day of Maha Shivratri, devotees of Lord Shiva observe a day-long fast, stay up all night, and perform puja during Nishita Kaal.
20-Mar-2024 Wednesday Hindi New YearThe Hindu New Year
24-Mar-2024 Sunday Holika DahanHolika dahan is a Hindu goddess. On the eve of Holi, The ceremony represents the triumph of good over bad. This is a festival honoring the Hindu god Vishnu and his devotee Prahlada, which celebrates the victory of good over bad.
25-Mar-2024 Monday HoliHoli is a Hindu festival that celebrates the coming of spring and the victory of good over bad.
09-Apr-2024 Tuesday Ugadi / Gudi Padwa / Telugu New YearGudi Padwa is a famous Maharashtra cultural festival that takes place in the spring. This festival celebrates at the start of a new year.
13-Apr-2024 Saturday Vaisakhi / Baisakhi / VishuAn annual Sikh festival commemorating Gobind Singh's establishment of the Khalsa Order in 1699.
14-Apr-2024 Sunday Tamil New YearIts Tamil New Year
15-Apr-2024 Monday Bengali New Year / BihuMagh Bihu, Bhogali Bihu or Maghar Domahi is a harvest festival celebrated in Assam and marks the end of the harvesting season in the region
17-Apr-2024 Wednesday RamanavamiTo celebrates the birthday of Rama, the seventh avatar of the god Vishnu.
23-Apr-2024 Tuesday Hanuman JayantiHanuman Jayanti is a Hindu religious festival that celebrates the birth of Hindu God Hanuman,
10-May-2024 Friday Akshaya TritiyaThe festival of Akshaya Tritiya is dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu. Devotees pray to Lord Vishnu for good fortune in their lives.
06-Jun-2024 Thursday Savitri PoojaThe festival is named after Vat Savitri, the Sanskrit word for a Banyan tree, and Savitri, the woman who battled death to bring her husband back to life.
07-Jul-2024 Sunday Puri Rath YatraThe festival of Puri Rath Yatra is dedicated to Lord Jagannath, who is considered one of the personation of Lord Vishnu. Rath Yatra, also known as Jagannath Rath Yatra, is an important festival of Hindus that takes place every year at the popular Jagannath Temple in Puri, Odisha.
21-Jul-2024 Sunday Guru PurnimaEvery year on the full moon day of the Hindu calendar's Shakha Samavat, commemorate. Thousands of devotees worship and praise their spiritual gurus for enlightenment at this festival, which honors the goodness of spiritual gurus and teachers.
09-Aug-2024 Friday Nag PanchamiNag Panchami is a Hindu festival commemorating the worship of snakes.
16-Aug-2024 Friday Varalakshmi VratIn the month of Shravana, the Vara MahaLakshmi Vrata is observed on the Second Friday, or the Friday before the day of the full moon, Poornima. a festival dedicated to the goddess Lakshmi.
19-Aug-2024 Monday Raksha BandhanThis festival honors a brother's love for his sister and is held on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Sravana (July/August).
26-Aug-2024 Monday Krishna JanmashtamiTo celebrates the birthday of Krishna, the eighth avatar of the god Vishnu.
07-Sep-2024 Saturday Ganesh ChaturthiThe birth of Lord Ganesha, the God of new beginnings and a fresh start, is commemorated on this day every year.
16-Sep-2024 Monday Vishwakarma PujaOn this day, factories and machines are worshipped; on this day, one should treat their tools with reverence and worship them; on this day, you should avoid using tools and instead worship and clean them.
17-Sep-2024 Tuesday OnamOnam is a traditional Hindu festival in Kerala that commemorates the harvest of rice.
02-Oct-2024 Wednesday Mahalaya AmavasyaOn the day of Mahalaya, the goddess Durga is said to have arrived on Earth.
03-Oct-2024 Thursday Navaratri beginsNavratri is a Hindu festival that lasts for nine nights and ten days and is celebrated every year in autumn. It is celebrated for various reasons in a different ways in different parts of the Indian cultural sphere.
11-Oct-2024 Friday Navaratri ends / Maha NavamiDurga Navami commemorates the victory of good over evil. The goddess Durga and the demon Mahishasura are fighting for the last time on this day
12-Oct-2024 Saturday DussheraDussehra, also known as Dasara or Vijayadashami, is a festival commemorating Rama's victory over Ravana, the demon king with ten heads.
16-Oct-2024 Wednesday Sharad PurnimaThis day is dedicated to Goddess Laxmi, who is also known as the Goddess of Abundance and Prosperity.
20-Oct-2024 Sunday Karwa ChauthMarried women fast from sunrise to moonrise on Karwa Chauth, particularly in North India, for their husbands protection and their long life
29-Oct-2024 Tuesday Dhan TerasOn this day, the god of money, Kuber, is worshipped. Dhanteras is the first day of the five-day Diwali festival, when people buy gold, silver, automobiles, utensils, property, and other valuables.
01-Nov-2024 Friday DiwaliThis is a festival of fresh starts, of good won over evil, and of light won over darkness.
03-Nov-2024 Sunday Bhai DoojSisters pray to Yamraj for their brothers long life and happiness on this day. Bhai Dooj is a Hindu festival that honors the bond that exists between brothers and sisters, bhai_dooj, bhai_dooj
07-Nov-2024 Thursday Chhath PujaThe festival of Chhath Puja honors the Sun God Surya and his wife Usha, also known as Chhathi Maiya. People thank Lord Surya during Chhath Puja.
15-Nov-2024 Friday Kartik PoornimaLord Shiva is said to have killed the three demons Vidyunmali, Tarakaksha, and Viryavana on this day, according to Hindu legend. The day is also known as God's Diwali.
11-Dec-2024 Wednesday Geeta JayantiThe Bhagvad Gita, Hinduism's holy book, celebrates its birthday on Gita Jayanti. On the Shukla Ekadashi, it is commemorated.
15-Dec-2024 Sunday Dhanu SankrantiFor Vishnu devotees, Dhanu Sankranti is a significant day. Taking a dip in the holy rivers cleanses a person of his or her sins, and worshiping the Sun God is thought to be highly helpful.